"This is the most INCREDIBLE, most NATURAL, most CONSISTENT putter I've ever seen..."

Jake Hunter - Customer review

Improve your putting accuracy 

Bio-mechanics testing showed 3% increase in putting accuracy within just 1 hour of testing which equates to 1 shot per round!

The Problem

  • ​Unnatural position of the head
  • ​Bent putting stance
  • Limited view
  • Inconsistant striking

Myth: Extend the putter head down the line to get the ball to the hole

What's Changing?

Revolutionary putter to improve your accuracy

The Solution

Developed a Revolutionary New Putter

“The greatest development in the last 50 years of golf”



Independent data from the University of Central Lancashire biomechanics department shows our bespoke long-shaft putter delivers:

  • long length 39” shaft, and 56 degrees
  • Naturally lower to the ground’s surface 
  • ​Arc is typically closer to the surface
  • ​Eliminating the inconsistency of wrist movement
  • ​Upright position for a much clearer view
  • ​Shoulder turn replaces the shoulder tilt
  • ​Easier alignment
  • ​Improved distance control
  • ​Delivering targets more consistently

Get a Better View of the World

The world is already talking about it...

Jake Hunter

"This is the most INCREDIBLE, most NATURAL, most CONSISTENT putter I've ever seen. That new motion is PERFECT. I took to it instantly, which I suspected I would. It just "felt" right in my head. I'm getting this in the hands of my pro as soon as possible. JUST REMARKABLE... I'm in disbelief"

Benoit Hamel

"I love its color, its grips, its contact, its cover. The way to putt with it is interesting. I'm pretty sure that it can work better than standard putter for many people...
What is important to know is that the Hybrid X went through over 12 months of testing scientifically and practically with PGA professionals before going on sale..."

Adam Lynn PGA

"The new @fgxsportsgolf putter 👍🏻👍🏻 give them a follow and have a go 👊🏼"

Jorgia-may Conroy

"I would highly recommend FGX sports, was so helpful when I purchased from them. They answered all my questions and my friend who I purchased the putter for is so happy with the product and says he can’t imagine playing without it. Highly recommend Thankyou FGX sports! ⛳️🙌🏻"

Nicholas Davis

"A new design for the golf world and one with fantastic results. I've played a few rounds with the FGX putter now and can already see improvements to my game. On top of the concept, the quality of the manufacture is superb. Highly recommended!!"

Gazza Coombs

"Played 2 rounds so far with the 39-inch mallet supplied by FGX and haven’t putted so well before, long putts are a dream as the ball rolls nicely to the hole keeping its line and anything around the 4ft Mark is a given...Highly recommended 💯👍"

Tabbi Crangle

"I bought one of these for my friend who plays of 15 handicaps, he said he loves it. Putting he has always struggled with, but now he feels much more confident with the Hybrid Xx"

You are guaranteed to improve your putting. 

Take your putting a new level. Your fellow Golfers will be impressed!



No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. No questions asked.

With FREE Shipping!



The FGX Putters offers a longer shaft & flatter lie angle. These 2 features result in a shallower club head through impact along with more consistent delivery of loft & strike. Essentially we are removing an unnecessary dimension to simplify putting.


It seems too simple to mention the importance of sturdy wrists in any golf swing. The FGX putter encourages a grip similar to every other club in the bag. At the moment of impact stability is required through the putter face, grip , hand and arms. Our swing enforces this every step of the way.


The simple fact that our arms are attached to our body makes it almost impossible for an arc to be avoided. For years golfers have tried to perfect a “straight back & straight forward” robotic approach to putting. The results suggest this art is yet to be perfected amongst most golfers. Our new putting stroke revolves around the spine. Our spine is stationary so lets use this as an anchor in our simple , consistent stroke.


All day everyday we look at the world with the top of our head facing the sky. This is the way we practice using our eyes. Yet suddenly when we want to hole a putt in our Sunday medal we decide the best way to evaluate this view is with the top of our head facing forwards. By moving our ball position further away and lengthen-ing the shaft we find ourselves in a more natural position evaluating the putt using a skill we practice subconsciously all day every day.


FGX Sports are promoting a swing with less moving parts than a traditional putting stroke. The outcome of this is a reduction in margin for human error. Humans are not robots, we cant perfectly replicate our movements. By reducing the number of things we have to focus on when standing over a putt re-moves an element of stress. We have all done it, we are standing over a putt in our monthly medal thinking “straight back & straight forward = zero face to path = straight shot = victory” then push the putt out to the right. An arc is natural let not fight it but maximize its potential

Unique Hand Crafted Golf Putter

Nothing like it on the market!


About the Creators

FGX was created from the passion and experience of PGA Professional coach Paul Woodhouse and single figure golfer and businessman Peter Smith. With a combined 60 years of experience in golf between them, a technical knowledge of equipment building, swing technique plus a degree in golf management to boot, their experience and technical knowledge makes for a great vision for the future of golf.

FGX is so much more than a brand, it is a revolutionary concept that gives you the potential to evolve your game of golf.

Our Vision

"From one idea sketched on a rough piece of paper we have developed an
 innovative piece of equipment that has been through rigorous testing and extensive 
quality control to come to one conclusion…"